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'Tango Fire', German Cornejo - The Peacock Theatre

Within our fast pace world moments of pure visual ecstasy can be few and far between, however Tango Fire’s display of ferocious passion will reignite your desires.

German Cornejo rules the Argentinian company like a Latin Cupid, bringing his show to London just in time for Valentine’s Day. Despite starting slow, the choreography builds to a captivating climax, enthralling the audience with instances of fever and steam. The show mirrors the narrative of an epic romance, gentle and charming on entrance, before advancing to fervent and lustful embraces that make your blood hot. Furthermore, the numbers between intimate pairs are interwoven with energetic ensemble pieces, creating a journey far from linear as tensions rise and fall throughout.

German Cornejo’s Tango Fire at the Peacock Theatre, London

The Spice Girls phrase ‘when two become one’ can be aptly applied to this performance, as the fluidity of Tango Fire's duos create the illusion that two dancers are of just one form. This sexual rapport is accentuated with liquid like movements, low lighting and provocative costuming by Nick Jemicz and Kathryn Waters. Each shadow exaggerates the curve of the spine and saturates the show with pure sex appeal. Apart from an initial stylistic faux pas, regarding the outdated costuming in the first act, the wear elevates the inviting feline features of the ladies. This is contrasted by the snugly fit, yet smart, three-piece suits of the gentlemen, leading a few to question why the men wear so much and the women so very little! Coming at this in the current political climate, Waters' should be questioned on her decision to dress the female dancers with just a patch of lace in comparison to their counterparts who are fully covered.

However, one cannot deny the great beauty of a woman’s figure, and as this performance is temporally based before First Wave Feminism, we can be willing to forgive this possible misjudgement.

In the second half, the show builds to a climax where the limelight graces each pair individually for moments of tantalizing talent. Cornejo's choreography is particularly worth taking note of, as his exploration of different balletic and Latin styles takes dance to a new dimension. Using a variety of levels and the full width of the stage, Cornejo creates evocative and shapely patterns that are pure pleasure to the eye. In a midst, Camila Alegre and Ezequiel show poise and elegance in a series of staccato forms, while Julio Jose Steffino and Carla Dominguez stun in their attack of intricate figures.

All in all, Tango Fire is an evening of immense talent and seductive physicality that excites just in time for February 14th. Whether you go alone, or with a date, your heart rate is sure to increase.

Edited by Dimitrina Dyakova


German Cornejo

Tango Fire

Tuesday 29 January - Saturday 16 February

Tickets: £15 - £45

/ Stand-by tickets available 1 hour before the performance (subject to availability) £17.50

The Peacock

Portugal Street, Holborn, WC21 2HT

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