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Sail The World!

This map is dedicated to a global voyage I did in 2018. Two years ago, I gapped a year from Peking University, left all my life behind in China, and embarked on a Panamanian ship called MV World Odyssey. I boarded a ship cruising around the world, a floating university packed with 600 youths from different parts of the globe, an autonomous man -made island in the middle of the oceans, with a never-ending feast. A mini paradigm of Noah’s Ark 2.0!

In 4 months, we sailed 11 countries in 4 oceans around the world. We went through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows (not just talking about the sea swells). We tasted the quintessence of the world and saw things that people couldn’t believe. Our eyes wide open and minds wide awake. It was a life changing experience for all 600 of us. As a sea tradition, we signed each other’s maps at the end of the journey to celebrate our survival of the great voyage. Now you see the exact replica of my original map, but I replaced my friends’ signatures and farewell words (for privacy reason) with the itinerary and notes of my voyage. Guys, if I can say one this: travel the world! It’s a primitive impulse for all humans and needs no explanation, just go for it while you are young!

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