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Tendertwin ‘Triangles’ - Review

I have known Tendertwin since before she was Tendertwin, so to review her debut single ‘Triangles’ is an honour: I write this as critic, proud friend and fan. I met Bilge Nur Yilmaz, the visionary of Tendertwin, just under three years ago and throughout our friendship I have had consistent respect for her undeniable sense of vocation. It is clear from one conversation with her that she is completely committed to the art of making music, and the inspiring opportunities I have had to speak with about her creative process have made me think often about just how full of heart her music is. This sense shines through in her upcoming single ‘Triangles.’ There is a clear vision behind the sentiment it aims to create in its listener: nostalgia. Its opening chimes and Bilge’s sweet lulling voice carry us immediately into a distant place, one where a new love was soaked in sunshine. These moments of seemingly joyous perfection, however, are always fleeting and soon the difficulties realities of love must be confronted: ‘so you prefer to love, to be loved/ To carry the same stone, over the same hill.’ The song is richest as a quivering violin becomes a swelling of other instruments over which ‘I love you’, and its echo ‘I know you’, are yearningly repeated. It’s mesmerising. Impressive doesn’t cut it, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. ‘Triangles’ is a beautifully evocative song which is perfect listening for summer evenings when time doesn’t feel real and sentimentality is in the air. Listen here:

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