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Black Honey End Tour With an Electrifying Performance at Heaven

Photo by Josh Aberman

Black Honey’s frontwoman, Izzy Baxter Phillips, led both band and crowd in a show filled with energy at Heaven nightclub on October 13th with warm-up acts Chilli Jesson and Phoebe Green providing a refreshingly strong kick-off. Finishing off a tour that took them to cities like Cardiff, Manchester, and Birmingham, the Brighton quartet would be forgiven for giving a quieter set, but they gave London their all, whipping the crowd into passionate mosh pits and filling the venue with rocker spirit. The fans’ excitement was undeniable, but the catchy nature of the songs meant you didn’t have to be a die-hard enthusiast to enjoy the music. Band members Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Alex Woodward provided a hypnotic soundtrack that you just couldn’t help but dance to.

A demon in red, Phillips brought an undeniable attitude to the stage reminiscent of Courtney Love and Joan Jett but with her own unique vocal style. This was an updated 21st century version of the female rock star though, with a focus on women’s experience of music. Female and non-binary identifiers were encouraged to push to the front into a mosh pit that was a safe space for them. By literally putting women at the forefront of the show, Black Honey put feminism centre-stage in a music genre that is traditionally male-dominated.

With two albums now under their belt and their 2021 release, Written and Directed, hitting No.7 on the UK albums chart, Black Honey has a promising future ahead, and a stage presence to match it. If this same passion continues to be put into all of their shows then they are definitely a band worth seeing over and over again, as the show was a reminder of what live music should be at its core: genuine and fiery.

Photos by Josh Aberman

To keep up with Black Honey, check out their website, Instagram, or YouTube.

edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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