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CYBERDOG- fashion gear for the cyber era

You can’t really imagine Camden without including Cyberdog’s sci-fi driven flagship store in the picture. Located on the same premises since the beginning of the 90s, or what some more seasoned techno heads may call the heyday of rave culture, ‘Cyberdog’ remains a cult-defining destination at the intersection between technology, music, and fashion.

Devised through the lockdown months, the new collection 'Rising' is an escapist fantasy turned real. Full of optimistically charged and bright tones, the collection was mostly inspired by the now 'classic 21st century' phenomenon of virtual parties.

Catch STRAND’s photography editor Ana Oancea and feature writer/photographer Hannah Tomczyk, capturing what went down at the physical launch in the photo series below. I wouldn't blame you for believing that you are gazing through a telescope (VR set?) at a parallel universe.

The 2021 Cyberdog show took place in the brand’s flagship store in Camden featuring futuristic garments inspired by martian- technocracy. Following the brand's motto “The future is here... enjoy!” models and pole dancers performed in front of an eccentric crowd.

Acts included a virtual reality duo clad in led light space suits.

In the middle of the catwalk Cyberdog had placed an intergalactic installation with sound, light and alien mannequins.

Ravers don’t have to be colourful.

For each round of the catwalk, both the rave music and the dance moves of the models increased with intensity. An experience to never forget, beyond galaxies and stars.


Edited by Isabela Palancean, Fashion editor


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