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'Desire' at Aynié and La Rando AW22 | LFW22

The opulent atmosphere of the Argentine Embassy provided the perfect backdrop to admire the contrasting industrial inspired designs of Aynié and La Rando’s AW22 collection. As tall flickering candles cast shadows around the room, Aynié’s bags and accessories and La Rando’s leather garments were positioned dramatically in front of mirrored panels, enabling a multifaceted perspective on the many details of each piece. Both Argentinian brands based in Buenos Aires, Aynié and La Rando are deeply rooted in traditional Argentine craftsmanship and culture. In particular, Aynié is inspired by a family saddlery business, whose ancestral techniques they carried over into their production process. Not only are Aynié and La Rando influenced by Buenos Aires’ vibrant culture, but they use sustainably sourced local Argentinian textiles and materials in their designs too.

Aynié and La Rando’s AW22 collection is based on the concept of desire. It addresses the pursuit of one’s interests and the aim to establish enduring relationships with both people and objects in an environment characterized by impermanence. This theme was evident throughout the collection. Pieces such as the Tesei top by La Rando demonstrate the intersection between traditional craftsmanship and industrial design through incorporating drawstring across a delicate sleeveless piece to allow for the perfect, adjustable fit: an all white ensemble that was sharpened by the addition of long black leather gloves. Similarly, Aynié’s Ortiz mini bag in white serves as the perfect accompaniment to an evening out, while its hand-knotted netting offers an edge, particularly when paired with a chic La Rando black leather trench. Other Aynié bags stood out on their own, such as the striking Montura basket in a dark sea green or the Pared mini bag in white.

La Rando’s Lanus top and Varela pants, both in rich brown leather, evoked a sophisticated yet earthy feel. Finally, Aynié’s Rebenque accessory, somewhere in between a necklace and a purse, added a playful touch to La Rando’s all leather looks, as did its bubbly Colero necklaces. Neutral colors and muted tones allowed for the craftsmanship and thoughtful structure of each Aynié and La Rando piece to take center stage.

As evidenced by the many admiring guests willing to abandon the empanadas on offer to examine the accessories and clothing, Aynié and La Rando’s collection certainly succeeded in eliciting desire amongst the audience.

Photo credits: Catherine Burke


edited by Bo Nguyen, fashion editor


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