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Nok Nok Rocks Out New Collection During London Fashion Week Pop-Up

Photo by Josh Aberman

Influenced largely by rock music, Nok Nok’s SS21 collection has the same rebellious and edgy attitude as the artists who inspired it. Claiming to take influence from both London’s urban environment and musicians like Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix, Nok Nok’s London Fashion Week Pop-Up event oozed with the style and panache one would associate with these historical names. Appropriately, Nok Nok set up their event directly across from a vinyl collectors’ mecca, Rough Trade East, in Shoreditch’s Truman Brewery. Dead in the center of the room, a large abstract sculpture made up of mirrors reflected the space’s ambient lighting. Add to this the designers, models, musicians, photographers, and artists in attendance at the event, and it felt as though Nok Nok had built a time machine and sent its attendees back in time to a Warhol Factory party.

Photos by Caroline Bonarde Ucci with permission from NokNok PR.

Photo 1 (from left to right): Max Rodgers (Model), Kimberly Wyatt (PussyCat Dolls), Angel NokoNoko (Brand Owner)

Photo 2: Michael Aldag (Musician)

Photo 3: Becca Dudley (DJ & Broadcaster)

The night’s atmosphere was improved even further by a stand-out performance by Sam Simmonds, a notable, London-based artist who knows Nok Nok’s founder, Angel Nokonoko, through Denmark Street’s SixtySixtySounds. Sam’s personal 60s-rocker style fits perfectly with Nok Nok’s aesthetic, and he can be seen modeling their clothing on the brand’s Instagram. In addition to Sam’s incredible performance, Sunday Girl and Hélène de Joie also supplied music for the night, playing classic rock tunes from behind the DJ booth.

Photos by Josh Aberman

Photo 1 (from left to right): Zackarias Johansson (Bass Guitar), Sam Simmonds (Vocals & Guitar)

Photo 2 (from left to right): Eri Kitten, Hélène de Joie

My personal highlights from the Nok Nok SS021 collection include their graffitied denim jackets and their leather boots, as both pieces perfectly encapsulate the brand’s ethos of fierce individuality and rockstar attitude. However, this design philosophy pervades throughout the whole collection and proves why Angel Nokonoko’s high-end fashion brand is worth talking about. Photo by Josh Aberman

Check out the Nok Nok collection here.

Photos by Josh Aberman


Edited by Bo Nguyen, Fashion Editor


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