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Refashioning formal menswear - Justin Cassin SS23 | LFW

Justin Cassin's latest SS23 catwalk revealed a series of garments from simple yet chic coats for early spring’s breeze to stylish clothing made out of thin and lightweight fabrics for the summer – reinforcing their careful development of typical, everyday menswear. As a global brand that differentiates themselves by adding imaginative twists and touches to traditional menswear, they have previously displayed their past collections in other fashion weeks, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (MBFWBerlin), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) and China International Fashion Week (CIFW). The brand’s website also highlights their sustainable practices, as they strive to lower their footprint and use neither fur nor exotic leather.

For the menswear edition of London Fashion Week in June 2022 Justin Cassin presented their spring/summer 2023 collection in Seymour Hall. Amalgamating classic men’s attire with creative patterns and shapes, the founder and creative director of the brand Justin Cassin showcased his fashionable reconstruction of commonly-worn clothes, including men’s coats, shirts and trousers. From cozy yet stylish knit tops to uniquely printed fabrics that glistened under the light of the spacious hall, the SS23 collection displayed simple outfits with a touch of modern artistry and eye-grabbing garments with striking colours and materials.

Upon entering the venue, we were welcomed by the capacious hall, which gave the impression that we were about to watch a lively sports match, with rows of chairs positioned on both sides for the incoming viewers. Jonah Marais from the boy band Why Don’t We opened the show wearing black trousers and a double-breasted jacket. Simple yet versatile, the outfit displayed a semi-casual look that could be worn on various occasions. Styling the typical menswear with a loose-fitting jacket, Justin Cassin made the hip outfit seem less old-fashioned for his newest season. Another model wore an orange sweatshirt with houndstooth-patterned trousers and white sneakers. The sweatshirt’s vibrant colour matched the spirited mood of the show, and the well-paired combination of houndstooth trousers and sneakers heightened the hip and youthful feeling of the look.

Justin Cassin’s alteration of classic men’s shirts with unusual designs was another eye-catching aspect of the show. One of the models wore an unbalanced white shirt with string shirring on one side and the other side’s fabric flowing down to their knees, alongside a pair of white trousers made of light fabric. By turning the conventionally-worn white shirt into a casual and comfortable outfit, Justin Cassin moved away from the formal restrictions of men’s white shirts. The unsymmetrical look also gave more variety to what could have otherwise been a standard, plain-looking shirt. Another model showcased a black shirt with three horizontal rows of white buttons, unlike the standard row of buttons in the middle. Creating a polka dot-like pattern, the simple all-black look with black trousers transformed into an intriguing aesthetic for the onlookers.

A personal favourite from the latest season was the use of unique fabrics that shined particularly beautifully under Seymour Hall’s lights. A model wore a shirt made of sheer fabric with starlight-like patterns, which shined as though there were sparkling sequins separately stitched onto the garment. Another model wore a belted jacket made of what looked like fabric interwoven with a sparkling, metallic-looking material. The blue jacket glistened with every step they took across the runway. By adding subtle sheen into a number of their garments, Justin Cassin demonstrated their dedication to making transformations to ordinary menswear for every one of their newest garments.

Embodying creativity and a unique spirit in each piece of clothing, Justin Cassin’s runway show for their latest collection was enjoyable and charming. Their new SS 23 collection evoked excitement for the brand’s future collections as they continue to showcase unconventional and creative outfits for a wide variety of menswear.

All photos courtesy of BFC


edited by Bo Nguyen, fashion editor


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