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SPINN Joyfully Light Up Omeara London

Photo by Dong Liu

SPINN is a young-blooded indie-pop group made up of Johnny Quinn on vocals and guitar, Andy Power on lead guitar, Sean McLachlan on bass, and Louis O’Reilly on drums. After having toured in several cities in the UK, including their hometown, Liverpool, they arrived in London on the 7th of May at Omeara, having rescheduled a show that was set to take place at King's Cross's Lafayette. While this band would clearly have had a massive celebration back home the day before, the huge excitement coming from the London crowd could undeniably compete with that of their hometown show.

SPINN’s energy immediately radiated through the room as they stepped onto the stage. They opened the party with ‘Hello’, followed by their most popular song ‘Is There Something That I Missed?’. Having released their newest album, Outside Of The Blue, in February this year, they have proven themselves to have cemented their identity as a band through their recognisable sound and stories. Naturally, the band chose to perform several tracks off the album, including the catchy pop song, ‘Stargazing’. Needless to say, their live performance was more spirited than their studio recordings. The crowd that turned up that night was one of the happiest that we've ever seen; go to see SPINN and you can see why, as you find yourself satiated by all of the most enjoyable elements of an indie-pop gig.

To keep up with SPINN, be sure to check out their Instagram, YouTube, or Spotify.


Edited by Talia Andrea, Music Editor


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