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T-Shirt Weather #STRAND X Indie Designers

The grass is growing. The breeze is blowing. The iced lates are pouring. It's here. Spring is in full swing, and, although much anticipated, somehow it always manages to take you by surprise. Especially wardrobe wise. How does one transition from the comfort of oversize jackets, all enveloping scarves and 'granny' jumpers, to a much lighter attire?

T-Shirts have the answer. They are deceptively simplistic, but it is their fundamental 'canvas-ness' and ease of wear that can lead to so many interesting, versatile style combinations. T-shirts can be sporty. Professional. Rebellious. And everything in between. Thanks to their extremely comfortable quality, it's not too far-fetched to say they act like our second skin. Which is why for French, independently-run brand Unpopular Opinion wearing self-assertive T-shirts is so important. Some will offend your parents. Others will raise an eyebrow on the tube. And most will make your friends laugh or nod in solidarity. Below, the designer and founder of the brand, Josephine Pentecoste, gives us more insight into the story behind the brand.


Unpopular Opinion : the slogan T-Shirt trend, the frank and uninhibited ode to freedom of expression.


This trend of slogan T-shirts - or, otherwise, how simple words on a piece of clothing convey the concerns of social and cultural changes of a generation - has settled into our wardrobe. In reality, these garments that allow us to send - more or less subtle - messages, have existed since the 1960s. And it's been 50 years now since printed letters on a garment have allowed us to express ourselves in terms of our expected societal or cultural changes.

This is the guiding thread of this new brand, Unpopular Opinion, which as its name suggests, introduces itself as a spokesperson for its generation. Through its slogans concerned with social or cultural cause, it embodies freedom of expression without shame or borders.


Born on the social networks, it is part of the very essence of Generation Z. It stands witness to the birth of search engines, mobile connectivity and instant messaging. 'Unpopular Opinion' ultimately aims to take digital trends into the real forum of discourse, keeping a cheeky, casual tone.

Photography - Mathis Roche

Edited by Isabela Palancean


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