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The Sun Will Shine On The Assembly Line: Henrik Vibskov SS22 CFW Runway

All following images and videos are provided by and credited to Henrik Vibskov Boutique.

The Central St Martins graduate Henrik Vibskov’s fashion brand (Henrik Vibskov) unveiled their SS22 collection through a uniquely captivating runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2021: ‘THE SUN WILL SHINE ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE’. By embedding playful touches of vibrant colours and experimenting with a combination of what might otherwise seem like commonly-seen patterns, Vibskov filled his new collection with lively shapes and forms that brought a joy to the eyes of the audience.

At the far middle of the runway, an elevated model stood wearing a remarkably long dress, with multiple hands protruding out of the bottom half the skirt -- creating a wonderfully mysterious atmosphere for the impending runway. Through this imaginatively designed backdrop, the first model entered the catwalk wearing a combination of a simple black outfit and a stylishly designed coat combining a vivid shade of yellow/white/grey. Their look was accompanied by an extra layer of a tied white collar and a small pair of round sunglasses, illuminating Vibskov’s unconventional artistic designs. Another model wore a check-patterned shirt dress with a mixture of pastel-toned yellow, blue and pink, over a pleated yellow skirt that fell just above the ankles. The outfit was matched with check-patterned socks and playfully designed sandals with thick knots that covered the instep of the model’s foot. Every combination of outfits presented a pleasantly intriguing twist that kept the watchers engaged throughout the show.

Vibskov’s use of various fabric textures also diversified the overall look of his newest collection. One model wore a soft, multi-coloured knit sweatshirt with a lightweight, square-patterned skirt. The skirt’s gentle creases contrasted the occasional folds of the knit sweatshirt, creating a varied aesthetic to the overall look. A different model wore a printed textured shirt over a loosely-fitting crisp outer shirt of a different fabric. By choosing a relatively firm fabric for the check-patterned trousers, the outfit appealed to both the spring and summer weathers.

In the latter half of the show, some of the models gradually stood in a circular shape, in front of trays filled with various textured objects. In repetitive movements that resembled a conveyor belt, the models moved an object from one tray to the next, allowing the audience to take a closer look at the details of the latest collections. The models’ routine movements highlighted the flowing fabrics that were readily used in the SS22 collection, with every move made by the standing models making the divergent layers of patterns more apparent.

A personal standout from the collection was a sleeveless floral dress that flowed beautifully with darts around the front centre of the garment. The careful blending of rosy floral patterns with green and black square patterns created a fresh and elegant look for the summer. The ankle-length dress was matched with a round hat made of the same pattern, a pair of light mint-coloured socks, and white scandals.

The Henrik Vibskov SS22 Runway demonstrated the bright and lively energy that the brand could evoke through their individual designs. The runway strategically made use of creative backgrounds and set-up to complement the artistic details of each fabric used to produce their charming collection. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, the runway (digitally available on the brand’s Youtube) gave the audience an opportunity to glance at the designer’s creative mind.

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Edited by Bo Nguyen, Fashion Editor