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A Memorable Night With Ross From Friends at Electric Brixton

Photo by Dong Liu

Ross From Friends, or Felix Clary Weatherall, is a British electronic producer and DJ, who has proven himself to be a luminary of the electronic scene with his previously released singles and EPs. The tour of his newest experimental album Tread in January was a highly anticipated one, and, as expected, his performance at Electric Brixton has not disappointed us. On the 29th of January, the artist’s sleek sound yet again animated the dancefloor of the much-celebrated venue in South London.

The sold-out show was full of remarkable points worth mentioning. Felix himself was on modular synth, sample triggers, and mixer. Jed Hampson was on guitar and drum machine, together with John Dunk on saxophone and synthesiser. The incorporation of live instruments into the performance was one of the most unforgettable features. The sax opener of ‘Burner’ instantly brought a sense of warmth to the listeners. From the very beginning, Felix had demonstrated an indisputable mastery of his organic craft.

Photo by Dong Liu

The sound of Ross From Friends is a mix of ambient, house, and techno music. While his texture-rich tracks are always a joy to listen to in a more relaxed setting, Felix has made his live performance irresistibly danceable. The crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and released lasting energy throughout the entire show. The show only got better as the night went on. The audience celebrated ‘Talk to Me You’ll Understand’––an all-time-favourite—with singalongs. Both on stage and off-stage, the joyous mood permeated the performers and the listeners.

The show at Electric Brixton featured our favourite tracks from the new album Tread, including ‘Spatter/Splatter,’ ‘The Daisy,’ ‘Life in a Mind,’ and ‘Love Divide.’ The vibrant and intense mix of ‘Spatter/Splatter’ was spiced up by an improvisation on the sax, while the fast-paced ‘Life in a Mind’ prompted the crowd to replicate its nostalgic vocals. Tread as an album manifests Ross From Friends’ exploration into the less familiar, yet more venturous sonic territories. The futuristic synths create an imaginative visual realm for the listeners and fill the listening experience with hints of the passage of time.

The night ended with a blast, with the head-nodding tunes of ‘Epiphany’ and a cover of Kate Bush’s, ‘Running Up That Hill.’ Hearing Ross From Friends live was a truly unique experience. The only thing that the listeners could wish was for the night to be longer.

Photos by Dong Liu

To keep up with Ross From Friends, check out his website, Instagram, or YouTube.


Edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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