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Pickle for Palestine: KCL DJ Society’s Inspiring Fundraiser Event

On February 8th, the KCL DJ Society co-hosted an outstanding event with QMBL UMS (Queen Mary University and Barts and The London ravers, Underground Music Society.) 

While DJ gatherings typically foster a sense of unity, this particular event held added significance as all proceeds were dedicated to providing funds for Medical Aid in Palestine. Amidst the ongoing atrocities taking place in Palestine, coming together to support a common cause and revel in music felt profoundly meaningful.


Selling tickets was a breeze, with early bird tickets vanishing in just about 24 hours. Students eagerly spread the word about the upcoming bash, lauding not only the stellar student DJs but also the vital cause it championed.

Yasath, from the KCL DJ Society, whipped up a purely genius London Underground map-inspired poster for the event. The evening was sure to embody the rich DJ and music scene of London in both vibes and tunes. The promotional video, showcasing P-rallel's iconic 'It's a Lundun Thing' alongside quintessential London symbols like Santander bikes and the neighbourhood corner shop, served as a heartfelt tribute to the city that has inspired countless legendary sounds. The hype surrounding this epic event was fuelled by some serious promotional magic.


The event took place in Bethnal Green’s renowned Pickle Factory, a compact yet perfectly formed nightclub nestled in a secluded cul-de-sac. 

As it says on the RA website, ‘the club is built around its sound-system, a 6-point state of the art D&B Audiotechnik system’. Pickle remains the final mainstay in the lineage of grassroots, intimate East London venues, therefore KCL DJ Society x UMS couldn’t have chosen a more perfect setting for 6 hours of Jungle, UKG, D&B, Bassline, Grime, and more UK classics.


Having two different societies come together sonically encouraged a unification of different styles and crowds of music lovers which was refreshing to witness. It was an inspiring evening, underpinned by a cause that made it an event not worth missing. Student DJ Societies prove themselves once again to be fundamental in uniting people from all over this culture-rich city.

Edited by Lucy Blackmur, Music Editor


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