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Grace Carter - The Village Underground - 29/10/18

Grace Carter’s music was not made for fame and recognition. She began songwriting at 13, as a way to cope with struggles that she went through growing up as the child of single mother in Brighton. Since then, Grace has opened for big artists like Dua Lipa, Haim and Mabel but her performance at the Village Underground was truly and only about her. As she stepped on the stage for her sold-out show, she seemed genuinely surprised that “people actually gave a shit about her and knew the lyrics to her songs”.

Most of her songs, despite their universal appeal, deal with coming to terms with the relationship between her and her father. Watching her perform, it’s hard to believe how, at just 21, Grace has complete control over her vocals. Throughout the gig it was easy for the audience to understand how much the music she writes means to her. It was incredibly refreshing to see someone enjoy playing music as much as Grace does. After her rendition of “Saving Grace,” a song off her EP of the same name released earlier this year, she excitedly showed her recognition to every person in the audience. Throughout the show, Grace’s emotions on stage were powerful and sometimes unsettling to watch.

Her performance of “The Waiting Room” was a perfect depiction of just how much her songwriting meant to her and how much emotion goes into her music. At the end of each of her songs, Grace would pause and compose herself before continuing with her powerful vocals. Grace admitted that this concert was especially emotional for her, as her mother was in the crowd. Even so, she managed to keep the crowd fascinated by her raw energy and passion despite self-deprecatingly noting that all her songs were sad and slow.

The gig was energetic and emotional but as she ended the night with “Why Her Not Me,” her newly released single, she seemed genuinely disappointed to leave the stage. Thankfully for Grace, she will be returning to London in March to perform at Electric Brixton, an even bigger venue and by then, I guarantee that many more people will know her name.

cover: ents24

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