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Quick Trip Guide to: Paris

Reasons To Go: Why not? You’re a 45-minute flight away, you literally land before you’ve taken off (gotta love time zones). Planes not your thing? There are no excuses here, because Eurostar offers cheap deals (think £29 one-way) all the time. It is kind of a rite of passage to take a trip to Paris when you study in London. Tourist trap? Maybe. Great food and iconic sights? Definitely.

How Long To Go For: As long as you want. You could skim it down to two quick nights if you wanted, or you could spend a week - or three - exploring the backstreets of Paris.

Quick Tips:

1) Dress to impress, especially when you’re going out.

2) Food ain’t cheap. If you forego the ham and baguette option, you will pay for it. It’ll be delicious, but restaurants know just how delicious it is...

3) The Louvre is free after 6 pm on Fridays, if you’re under 26.

The Basics: I always recommend going to Hostelworld for accommodation, Google Flights for transport, and Eater (38 Essential) for meals.

Where To Go:

The Eiffel tower is a trek, but you should probably go see it? The Louvre is going to be a madhouse, but it has some of the world’s best classical art (here are ways to avoid the crowds though, go either VERY early, or VERY late). While you’re there stroll through the Tuileries, and stop off at Musée de l'Orangerie and see Monet’s waterlilies. If museums are your thing, then continue on to Musée d'Orsay and maybe sate your Van Gogh desires. If museums are definitely not your thing, consider going to the Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle (incredible stained glass), or Sacre Coeur Basilica (pretty far out of the city, but honestly the most powerful building I've ever been inside). If you hate museums and churches, go to the catacombs or wander the Champs-Élysées.

What to Eat: I scoured the internet for the most recommended restaurants in Paris. This is what I found (sorted by meal).

An indulgent Brunch: Claus, Ellsworth, Eggs & Co., Twinkie Breakfasts, Holybelly, Paperboy, Season Paris, Le Bal Cafe, Café Coutume, Benedict.

An affordable Lunch: The Pork Katsu Sandwich at Abri, Jambon-Beurre (Ham Sandwich on Baguette) at Chez Aline, Mokonuts, Ellsworth, Taloa at A. Noste, Croque Monsieur at Café Trama, Crêpes at Breizh Café.

A proper Parisian Dinner: Les Arlots (be sure to book a few days ahead of time), Détour, Le Servan, À la Biche au Bois, Tentation de Saint-Antoine at Au Pied de Cochon, La Tour Montlhéry - Chez Denise, La Bourse et la Vie, Le Severo.

A second helping of Dessert: Chocolate Mousse at L’Amarante, Paris–Brest at Chez Michel

Where to Party: If you are getting cocktails, try Candelaria, Dirty Dicks or Gravity Bar. If you want to go clubbing, head to Rex Club, La Bellevilloise, Nuits Fauves, Batofar.

And there you have it! A slightly boujee, very food based, students' guide to Paris. You now have no excuse not to go!

Edited by Evangeline Stanford

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