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Biig Piig at EartH - 24.10.19

Photo credit: gigantic

A buzz was in the air in the vast Hackney EartH Centre (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) which had sold out the day before Biig Piig’s long awaited gig. Biig Piig, real name Jess Smyth, ran onstage to a backing of her latest single, Roses and Gold. Joined by two musicians, including Mac Wetha of Nine8 Collective who produced tracks on Biig Piig’s latest EP, the red lighting was reminiscent of the artwork for Roses and Gold, perfectly reflecting the warmth in the room. Throughout her set, older tracks such as 2017 single Crush’n and Flirt from 2018 EP Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol. 1 kept the energy as high as for Smyth’s latest single. The audience, including other Nine8 members, were all dancing to Biig Piig’s infectious, hazy tunes.

Around halfway through the set, the energy was brought down, but none of the passion was reduced. Smyth’s rendition of her first song Deep (Pan Pizza) calmed the crowd but maintained the artist’s passion as she adeptly played the guitar. She followed this song (that can still be found on her Soundcloud) with some tracks from her third and latest EP, before jumping back into more upbeat favourites. Perdida, arguably Smyth’s best-known track with over four million Spotify listens, showcases the unique brilliance of her songs, with its captivating tune and soft, mesmerising vocals. This single, as well as others, such as Roses and Gold, are a reminder of Smyth’s time spent living in Spain as she seamlessly flows between fluent Spanish and English.

The night closed with an encore of Smyth’s laid-back but funky single Sunny which came out in July and felt like the perfect note to end on, injecting a summery flair to the late October night. It did what all of Biig Piig’s songs do so well– captivating the listener with a warm hypnotic glow that was in full force at EartH.

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