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'Sticky Door' At The VAULT Festival

'Sticky Door' is a rollercoaster play — full of emotions that will keep you seated. Katie Arnstein, a British writer and producer of the 'It's A Girl' trilogy, is in charge to put in the spotlight unacceptable situations that women suffer on a daily day basis through her own experience. As a feminist play, Arnstein's purpose is to empower women's sexuality, tear down stigmas and sexism.

Photo Credit: Lidia Crisafulli

The British writer is not the first time that displays one of her performances to The Vault Festival, an arts festival -theatre, dance, concerts, etc. - located near Waterloo Station. In 2018 and 2019, the first two parts of this revolutionary trilogy It's a Girl won Show of the week. All good things come in threes, that's what it’s said, right?

Sticky door is a storytelling show. Katie is the one and only protagonist on stage. Surrounded by a human-made living room full of some of her objects, Arnstein explains the events of her 2014 year to the audience. The scene is designed as a safe space, and it feels like being at home, so the atmosphere is intimate and humble. It could look like as a friend's reunion, that's why everything the British comedian says, gets to you fast and hard. There is also an ukulele, a calendar and a sofa, Katie's fellow mates that are going to help her tell the story within 60 minutes.

Arnstein's vibe and personality will make you want to listen more. Her beautiful singing and her jokes, sometimes challenging to understand for someone non-British, are the key to connect with her words. So even if we laugh with Katie's stories about the crispy chicken smell at her home while being a vegetarian or the funny moments in London with her friends and Tinder matches, the show is about much more. It's about pointing out sexist and misogynist situations that women suffer every day, and that should not be normalized as part of a girl's life. Arnstein main purpose is to give women the space and voice they deserve and fight against patriarchy to gain an equal and fair society.

Katie Arnstein is capable of making you laugh and cry in less than an hour. That's her. That's the power of her show. Sticky door is for people that are not afraid of being hectic emotionally speaking. You will have goosebumps all over your body, and you will want to hear more from her. It’s an honest and brave show.

'Sticky Door' was on at the VALUT festival and part of the It's A Girl trilogy by Katie Arnstein. More about her work can be found here.

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