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With most of us probably still remaining at home for the time being, checking out the OnlineGallery could definitely go on your rainy Saturday afternoon activities list. Fairly easy to navigate as a platform and home to an impressive collection of new artwork and artists, the OnlineGallery offers a new way of accessing and experiencing art. Their vision is to connect amateurs and professionals alike with art lovers or potential artwork buyers. With the commercial side of the art world, being mostly limited to an elite who sell and review the works of select artists, the experience of art for most people is taking a trip to the museum. Here, however, the aim is to build a bridge to cross this divide between the collector’s’ world and our own art experience, OnlineGallery promises “every artist, photographer, designer or jewellery maker can create their own artist page”.

OnlineGallery is based in the Netherlands, but its format of viewing, creating and selling artwork definitely has the potential to appeal to many people on a global scale.

This format seems to have a clear outline of goals and range of offer, with affordable subscriptions from 1.95 € (offers direct link to artists’ website and social media, a set amount of work uploaded and 100% of profits to artists displaying their work). Most exciting about this platform for us common people: it’s completely free to browse and view the collections.

Content wise, OnlineGallery offers a range of ten different media, from paintings to textile art, with photography being the by far most prominent medium at display at the moment. Considering it is still expanding as a platform and organization, I’m personally very interested in how it will grow into its profile. Emphasised by the founder of OnlineGallery, Vincent Moleveld, this platform values quality over quantity, which is something the visitor will profit from greatly. Purchasing artwork appears to be rather uncomplicated too, putting the buyer directly in contact with the artist and with a wide range of prices from below 100€ up to five digits – in short, there could be something for everyone’s living room or castle foyer.

OnlineGallery looks like a promising growing network that has a lot of potential for becoming an influential and modern platform for artists and art lovers alike.

Pricing per month:


1.95 €


4.95 €


9.95 €

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