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A Night of Neon and Music

Photo by Josh Aberman

If you’ve ever been to London’s Neon Naked Life Drawing class before, then you likely know how much of a treat a night full of neon can be. Started by Jylle Navarro, the class’s UV lights and bright neon paints react together in a way that brings you into another, more colourful world. With Jylle now expanding her neon experience to live music, even those less artistically inclined can now enjoy the fun of a neon night out.

On the 13th of November, the basement of The Troubadour in Earl’s Court played host to this neon show. The Troubadour’s small venue size meant that the room felt energetic and packed. Jylle was set up by the door doing neon face paint so that anyone could join in on the festivities as soon as they entered the room. This led to a communal feeling, as the whole of the small venue was filled with dancing neon faces.

However, despite how Instagrammable this London night out was, it wouldn’t have been such an incredible success without the extreme level of musical talent featured. The night started out softer and slower, featuring performances by both p4nda and Jack Tyson Charles (son of actress Cathy Tyson), before going into a live drum and bass performance featuring Rachel D’Arcy on vocals, Jimmy Norden on drums, and verses by MC Solomon on a few tracks, as well as the return at the end of the set of both Jack Tyson Charles and p4nda lending a hand with some vocals. Darcy also called her fellow-musician friend, Sami Nathan, to join her on stage for a song. Each musician had their own distinct musical style and brought something unique to the tracks. Darcy’s voice was raw and powerful and reverberated throughout the venue with otherworldly sustain, whereas Jack Tyson Charles singing had a passionate and soulful funkiness.

This talented and diverse range of musicians led to a night which any Londoner could enjoy if they like to have a fun time out with their friends on a Saturday night. Jylle’s concept of working with UV lights and neon truly makes for a trendy and unforgettable night. It’s strange just how freeing it feels to be painted in neon while dancing to music, and both artists and audience members alike glowed brightly as they danced. While Jylle’s Neon Naked Life Drawing classes are not to be missed, it is good to see her expand this concept to other types of events. One can only wonder what else she has in store, and how she will improve yet another activity by adding her signature neon twist.

Photos by Josh Aberman


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