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Anthony Joseph Wows Woolwich Works Audience with a Night of Poetry and Music

Image Credit: Elise Ester Aleksandra Poussot

Once again, Woolwich Works provided a special night of music to their concert-goers, as Anthony Joseph took to their stage with his unique blend of jazz and poetry on the 11th of February. The event began as a seated affair with tables throughout the venue dimly lit by candlelight until Joseph implored the audience to get up and dance after returning from the intermission. As with other Woolwich Works shows, once everybody was dancing, the night felt communal as the audience started to freely express themselves through movement.

As a Trinidad-born poet who has published four poetry collections and three novels, Joseph’s lyricism was the highlight of the night. His songs’ lyrics are powerful, often grappling with difficult subjects such as the immigrant’s experience in London and the troubling history of race and slavery. One particular standout from the set was his song ‘Jimmy Upon That Bridge’, whose energetic and repetitive melody hooked the audience as the band jammed and experimented over the track. This powerful tune effectively led Woolwich Works’ audience to become a conglomeration of trancelike dancers.

While it was Joseph’s strong lyricism that ran the show, his band members’ instrumental prowess is also worth noting. Each instrumentalist played with well-exercised passion and power, especially Thibaut Remy on guitar, Denys Baptiste on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, and Jason Yarde on alto and soprano saxophone and keys.

To see what else is going on at Woolwich Works, make sure to check out their website.

To keep up with Anthony Joseph, you visit his website or Instagram.


Edited by Talia Andrea, Deputy Music Editor


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