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Behind the Seams: Inside the World of Designer Clothing Resale with 'Majordude'

Picture courtesy of Majordude

In the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends come and go like fleeting moments, there exists a vibrant and dynamic niche—the realm of second-hand designer clothing. A growing number of entrepreneurs have carved out their own space in the industry, offering a curated selection of pre-loved designer pieces to fashion-conscious consumers. I spoke with Anna Wilson, the rather successful 21-year-old proprietor of second-hand fashion business ‘Majordude’, to delve into the journey of how she grew her enterprise from a fervent passion for sustainable style.

Anna adeptly juggles her flourishing business with her academic pursuits as a biomedicine student. Currently undertaking a placement year at Global Health Company in London, she’s certainly what you’d call a girlboss. Anna started her business from her hometown bedroom, scouring vintage clothing pieces from car boots and charity shops, and uploading them to her Depop (@majordude). Any Steely Dan fans among us might have noticed the influence of her shop’s name, a reference to his 70’s hit ‘Any Major Dude Will Tell You’. Within just a few years, Anna has amassed over 8000 followers on the second-hand clothing platform Depop, where she sells her designer vintage alongside pop-ups and clothing events in London. Dior sunglasses, Prada trainers, and even a rather vibrant Missoni bikini, which catches my eye in particular – she’s got the lot.

Picture courtesy of Majordude

I’m keen to get behind the success of Anna’s growing brand as well as find out more about her next pop-up. I ask what inspired her to start a second-hand clothing business: “I have always loved fashion and shopping,” she tells me, “but I got the most joy out of finding unique items that have their own story to tell. Like many people, I started on apps like Depop (the early days, she adds) and was amazed by the fact I could buy items that I would never normally be able to afford. So, my business, Majordude, started from there.”

I was most intrigued by the way in which Anna curates her collection of designer items – and particularly, how second-hand clothing apps like Depop and Vinted fit into this. “Nowadays, I use apps like Depop and Vestiaire Collection for market research more than anything” (as opposed to a place to find stock). “You can quickly tell the ‘going rate’ for a particular item or designer; it also helps me to know what’s popular right now... but the majority of my stock comes from car boot sales, where the best bargains are found,” she says. I’ll keep that in mind. “Once you’ve had a bit of experience and can tell the fake labels from the real ones, it’s amazing what gems you can find! In fact, I got a bit addicted to it, hence why my collection of vintage is now so vast.”

Of course, sustainability is a huge driving force behind the popularity of second-hand fashion. I questioned Anna about the sustainability practices her business adheres to and how they align with her personal mission. “Majordude encourages people to shop second-hand, so I do the same for my personal wardrobe. When second-hand sellers become bigger, they often start ordering their stock in bulk or travel across to other countries like Thailand to source stock.” I wonder how she feels about this as a small business owner. She responds, "I have mixed feelings. Yes, they are still reducing landfill, but the shipping of these very large packages is still quite harmful to the environment.” She confirms that “Majordude sources only from the UK, and tries to prioritise quality over quantity.” Anna certainly comes across as passionate about the cause.

So, what’s next for her ever-growing business? She’s got plenty of plans for expansion and is extremely eager to help those looking to break into the industry. “I’ve got so much advice to share! I plan to host workshops and guest talks to help people start up their own successful pre-loved clothing businesses,” she exclaims. “If anyone is interested in this, please get in touch or follow my social media channels!” I make a note of these myself. I certainly have far too many unworn clothes rattling around in my wardrobe...

Picture courtesy of Majordude

This brings us on to our main topic: Majordude’s upcoming pop-up. She’s organised the event herself, with the aim of allowing other sellers to meet their customers face-to-face. “It gives customers the chance to see and feel the clothes before they buy them, and it's also a super fun day out!”. Networking is her passion, she assures me: “Social events are super important and sometimes overlooked in creative industries.” The pop-up will be home to plenty of pre-loved vintage and designer (lots of 90s and Y2K-inspired pieces, of course) as well as hand-made jewellery from independent businesses, and even tooth gem artists. I’m told that a large range of styles and sizes will be available, all at competitive prices. As well as this, Anna is giving away 10 free items to the first 10 customers, and entry is completely free of charge. 

Whether it’s business advice you’re after or just a new pair of 2000s kitten heels, the latest Majordude pop-up promises to deliver it all. Anna’s desire to provide sustainable fashion that is both stylish and affordable clearly shines through, and I have no doubt that we will see much more of herself and her brand in the coming years.

Follow the Majordude Instagram at @majordudedepop for all the latest updates on Anna’s events and sales. The next Majordude pop up will take place on the 24th and 25th of February, 11:-5:30pm. Check out her Instagram for location details.


Edited by Faye Elder, London and Beyond Editor


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