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Caity Baser Shows Promise During Support Performance at Colours Hoxton

Photo by Josh Aberman

Caity Baser’s performance at Hoxton’s Colours is a sight to see. Bathed in a glamorous glow of glitter and colourful lights, her emotive dance moves echo the crowd’s energy as they too express themselves with moves of their own. Though Caity is billed as a support act before Finn Askew takes the stage, it is clear that she will be headlining venues soon enough herself. At just 19 years old, Caity Baser has already garnered a large TikTok following and fanbase, who clearly know all of her songs’ lyrics to which they passionately sing along. At one point during her show, Caity initiates a call-and-response with her audience, so that the whole venue reverberates with the echoing cry of ‘Caity Caity rock on!’

Caity Baser doesn’t only know how to reach a 21st-century audience through her use of social media, but also through her empowered lyricism. Writing songs about boys wronging her, online slut-shaming, and her haters makes her music relatable to the young, Gen Z audience that she is clearly writing for. That said, she certainly has room for maturing as a singer-songwriter and artist; however, given her raw vocal talent, stage presence, and youthful energy, there is no doubt that Caity Baser will make it big within the coming years.

It is also worth mentioning the incredible amount of talent coming from Caity’s band with Arianna Reddi on guitar and keys and Ellie East on drums. Despite the amount of chemistry exuded from the band during the show, Arianna and Ellie have only been playing with Caity Baser for a week. That chemistry is a testament to these musicians’ proficient talents, as they manage to come together and fool the audience into thinking they’ve played together for years. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time this particular band configuration will take to the stage together.

Overall, Caity Baser’s support act performance for Finn Askew was an incredible showing. It showcased her trajectory as a young, female artist whose fanbase is growing by the minute and gladly ready to support her and her music. It isn’t hard to see that Caity’s future will be full of her own headline gigs, and even bigger crowds there to chant back to her to rock on.

To keep up with Caity Baser, check out her TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

Photos by Josh Aberman


Edited by Talia Andrea, Deputy Music Editor


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