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Chloe Foy Wows With Intimate Performance At Hackney's Paper Dress Vintage

Image Credit: Chloe Foy

Promoting her debut album, Where Shall We Begin, Chloe Foy played Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney on the 14th of October. Joining her were Dan Wiebe on drums, Hannah Ashcroft on bass and backing vocals, and Harry Fausing Smith on guitar and backing vocals.

Performing tracks from her debut, Chloe Foy almost put me to sleep, which is very much a compliment. Both when her voice was accompanied by the band and when it stood almost alone, it possessed a beautiful, glass-like quality that easily cut through the crowd. Paper Dress Vintage’s small venue size ensured a level of intimacy that made me feel as if I was alone, rather than standing in a room full of people. During her set, Foy remarked that the last time she played in London prior to the pandemic was to a crowd of five, and it’s clear to see why she’s thrived in the meantime. Her music evokes an ineffable feeling, very much suited to the inertia of lockdown.

Aside from the music itself, Foy’s performance felt experienced and self-assured, with her witty tongue-in-cheek interactions with the audience breaking the tension amid haunting tracks. Some standout tracks were Asylum and Deserve, as well as Oh You Are Not Well which was accompanied by an anecdote about it being the hangover song of choice for a group of men in Ireland. But even the less immediately striking tracks possessed an air of introspection with incredible impact, as evidenced by the entirely silent crowd.

All in all, Foy and her band’s performance was a satisfying recreation of her debut studio album, Where Shall We Begin, and, between the warm and intimate staging and venue, was very successful—in both the sense of being sold-out and also in conveying the emotion and texture of her album.

To keep up with Choe Foy, you can check out her website, Instagram, or YouTube.


Edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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