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Clara Thadea, Indie/Alt-Pop Singer Takes To The Fiddler's Elbow's Stage

'To save me from the blackness of night, you make my moonshine.' These captivating lyrics are

part of the song, 'Blackness of night/Moonshine' written by singer, Clara Thadea. On the

26th of January, she debuted on The Fiddler's Elbow's stage in Camden. She was accompanied

by Thomas Dunk on the drums. Sara Madaluni on the keyboard, Lorenzo Kosselli on the guitar,

and Alexandre Oxley on the bass.

As one of my favourite songs from the gig, "Blackness of night/Moonshine" has a very nostalgic

feel. Its dreamy guitar chords achieve a jazzy feel which transports the listener to a dreamlike state of foggy memory. The climactic moments of the song see Clara perform truly stunning vocal runs which create an all-consuming sensation as if you are in the middle of a spiral of thoughts. After being in complete awe of the ethereal performance, I asked Clara a few questions about her journey as a musician. Her songwriting process stems from a concept or a personal experience, and Clara hopes that her lyrics are relatable. Initially, she composed with her guitar and

vocal melodies but her recent move towards production has allowed her creative process to also begin

with a bassline or a beat.

She describes her music as indie/alt-pop. When paying close attention to her songs there is a

certain paradoxical nature to them as she explains that her music would acoustically sound

pretty sad, but, because of her slightly poppy production, people forget about the lyrics and

chords. When I asked her what musicians she takes inspiration from, she stated that, although she

has never given that question much thought, she aspires her music to align with artists like Still

Woozy, Nai Palm, and Alice Phoebe Lou.

Her next single will be released in February 2022, which she has deemed her favourite song she has

written so far due to the concept it expresses. The song's message is about 'allowing yourself to

experience love, although you don't think you deserve it.'

I encourage everyone to save February 25th into their calendars for Clara Thadea's next gig.

To keep up with Clara Thadea, check out her Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify.


Edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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