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‘Ditto X: Meet The Industry’ Fills O2 Arena With Aspiring Artists and Music Industry Hopefuls

Image Credit: Josh Aberman

‘Ditto X: Meet The Industry’ was an event that truly sought to help artists attempting to break through into the music industry. It is no secret that music is a hard business to break into, and Ditto Music—an online distribution company whose aim is to help independent artists to release their work—sought to provide a space with this event where people could network and learn from already established industry experts.

Not only did I feel incredibly grateful to be invited to attend this event, but I was thankful that Strand Magazine was given the opportunity to run a social media giveaway for complimentary tickets to the convention. This is a clear display of Ditto’s commitment to upcoming, independent artists, and it afforded us the opportunity to give two event tickets to our contest winner, Verbalist J. Having met up with Verbalist during the event, I was thankful that these tickets went to her. She gave this statement about her experience of the event:

‘Winning the tickets in the first place was a big surprise as I’ve never won a giveaway on Instagram, so I’ll definitely be entering some more. I was very excited to attend the event and I am glad I was able to share the moment with a friend. It was a great eye-opener into the UK music industry and I was able to receive great gems regarding release strategies, methods, and the importance of engaging with the audience. I’ve definitely been inspired to work harder on my craft and put out more content, so keep an eye out for Verbalist J! I look forward to attending future events from both Ditto and Stand Magazine.’

Image Credit: Josh Aberman (Ornette Bambino pictured on left; Verbalist J pictured on right)

However, our giveaway was not the extent of Ditto Music’s generosity. During a presentation by Ditto Music’s CEO, Lee Parson, on Opulous (Ditto’s new blockchain-powered financial support initiative), an all-expense-paid trip to Ibiza was given out to an audience member for winning a freestyle rap competition.

In addition to talks on the use of social media, navigating the music industry post-covid, and strategies for getting music featured on TV, there was also live music scattered throughout the day, with a surprise performance by Central Cee closing out the day.

To keep up to date with Ditto Music and their other events, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or their website.


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