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Judith Hill Live At Camden's Jazz Café

Photo by Blandine Hausermann

American singer-songwriter Judith Hill made a captivating appearance on the 21st of October at the Jazz Café in Camden. Celebrating the launch of her new album Baby, I’m Hollywood, Hill took her audience on a powerfully introspective voyage blending soul, r&b, jazz, funk, and more. From bold energetic funk/rock sounds to more gentle piano balladry, her songs carry all the weight of her interpersonal struggles and Black and Asian cultural legacy, taking us through a diverse set of emotions.

At first, the Jazz Café as a venue felt rather uncomfortable with its imposing lighting, high ceilings, expensive drinks, and rather old public, but, when Judith Hill started singing, I found comfort in her beautiful voice. Her vocals carried so much depth, power, and genuineness, and her presence on stage was simply captivating. Each song brought new surprises and layers of narrative and emotion. It is no wonder that Hill has worked with musical legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John. It was a real pleasure to see the band that accompanied her, as they played their instruments with passionate mastery and subtlety. Their enthusiasm and energy on stage was naturally contagious.

Hill’s music takes on even greater significance in this period following the Covid-19 pandemic, as many went through states of reflection and confusion during this time. Nevertheless, the show was also a great symbol of light and rebirth coming out of this period. Judith Hill is an undeniably unique and must-see live artist.

Photos by Blandine Hausermann

To keep up with Judith Hill, you can check out her website, Instagram, or YouTube.


Edited Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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