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Munroe Bergdorf Launches Her New Book At Southbank Centre

Photo by Mariano Vivanco

Munroe Bergdorf is an internationally celebrated activist, model, broadcaster and now the author of the highly anticipated book ‘Transitional: In One Way or Another, We All Transition’. If you know Munroe from her podcast ‘The Way We Are’ or her MTV show ‘Queerpiphany’ or her activism for which she won ‘Changemaker of the Year’ in 2018 at the Cosmopolitan awards, it is clear to see this book will be an incredibly important book for the year.

In this new book, she reflects on her own life but also on society as a whole as she explores the nature of change and transitioning as a fundamental part of the human condition as something that binds us not separating us. Through drawing on her own experiences and theory from experts and activists, Munroe has crafted a guide to how our differences can be used as a healing tool to construct a better society.

Bergdorf’s achievements are endless, being awarded an honorary doctorate for campaigning for Transgender rights by the University of Brighton to being appointed the National advocate for UN Women UK . She also was appointed British Vogue’s new Contributing Editor in September 2022. Included in her personal letter about her new role at British Vogue, she identifies the change in the modeling industry from when she began to the ever growing list of transgender models ‘to not only challenge the boundaries of a cis-normative society, but also pushing forward to acknowledge the intersections of body shape and size, ability and racial diversity.’ She identifies the power of the fashion industry as ‘It has armed us with a platform to speak when many other industries fail to give us a voice.’ It is also exciting to see Bergdorf use this voice in the form of a book!

Even more exciting than this new book is the launch that Southbank Centre is holding. Inviting Munroe Bergdorf to launch her book in conversation with Clara Amfo, the award winning broadcaster and television presenter. Both these women have incredibly interesting and entertaining podcasts, like ‘This City’ hosted by Amfo and Bergdorf’s ‘The Way We Are’, that this event promises exciting conversation.

If you’re interested in hearing these incredible women in conversation and finding out more about Munroe Bergdorf’s book then grab a ticket to the Southbank Centre’s event on Sunday 12th February! (plus some tickets include a discounted copy of the book, so get your tickets quick!)


Edited by Holly Cornall, Literature Editor


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