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The Serotones Are Ones To Watch Out For

Image Credit: Magnolialux

The Serotones are a band that takes you by surprise at every step. I had not anticipated writing about the five-piece rock band from Yorkshire—made up of Duke Witter, Sonny Leach, Sam Lambert, Joe Adams, and Tom Elliot—when I saw them play at the Water Rats in Camden. But, in the same way that I had not anticipated their audience-demanding stage presence or energetic setlist, I was proved wrong in many ways that night. Frontman Duke Witter’s performance was reminiscent of the casual confidence seen in a lot of rock and indie legends, such as Alex Turner or Liam Gallagher. He looked just as comfortable in front of a crowd as he was in conversation later. His strong vocals were backed by one of the real pulls of the band: their nostalgic rock sound. Their guitar-heavy act differed very little sonically from their recorded songs, keeping an authenticity that is so easily lost in an over-saturated production process. This authenticity isn’t surprising though, as their whole approach seems rooted in bringing music to its stripped-back basics to build a sound up propped on past influences and raw talent. This is evident in the way that they perform, which is equal parts focus and fun, and shows an enjoyment for both the rush of the stage and the actual music-making process.

Serotones are continuing to tour with other upcoming acts like The Chase, Coco and the Lost, and The Lilacs. The tour ends on the 19th of December in York at The Crescent. The band also has plans to release new music, with a single coming out next month. Their head-turning act definitely promises an interesting future, making them a band you want to keep your eye on.

To keep up with Serotones check out their Twitter, Linktree, or Youtube.


Edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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