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'The Wing Scuffle Spectacular - a celebration of fear' with The Revel Puck Circus

Adorned with strings of fairy lights, the Revel Puck Circus brightens up the fields of Leyton Jubilee Park to a dreamlike surrounding. Each member of the audience is not only greeted by various members of the circus, but also the smell of fresh popcorn and samosas, the excited giggles of children and a line for the bar. The air is pulsating, almost alive with anticipation. It’s been a while.

After many months of isolation, a night at the circus is certainly a unique and refreshing experience. One gains a strong sense of community, whilst cheering on and encouraging one another sitting inside a dark tent. The Wing Scuffle Spectacular boasts a number of daring (and hilarious) acts – from a unicycling clown with a love-hate relationship with a toy lion and juggling to aerial arts and balancing on teeterboards, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Wing Scuffle Spectacular - a celebration of fear is a fitting name. The performers display fears of all kinds, both physical and psychological. Yet, this fear is always embraced, won over and laughed at. The show brought plenty of laughter for the audience from beginning to end. Owing to this is an awkwardly comedic clown, Sam Goodburn, who, interspersed with the various acts, undergoes an emotional journey through his fear, coming out a changed clown at the end of it. In a heartwarming twist, Goodburn’s clown bravely pushes past his fear and ultimately finds love and companionship.

It was touching to watch such a sincere group of performers, who despite their nerves, were determined to present an exciting show. Even after several failed attempts at balancing on the teeterboard, the performers never stopped trying, and they eventually succeeded with the help of other cast members and cheers from the audience. An act that stood out, in particular, was Imani Vital’s use of aerial straps. Vital showed off her graceful movements as she sailed through the tent – even her shadows had a touch of elegance.

As a whole, the show was well-organised. The audience goes through a whole range of emotions and reactions from tense anticipation to lighthearted smiles with appropriate, fun transitions. The acts are all memorable in their own ways and there are no empty moments. In my opinion, what makes this troupe of performers stand out, and what makes them such a joy to watch is their trust in one another and the genuine care for their craft which shines through their performances. Their enthusiasm created a lively and comfortable atmosphere, which is a change much welcomed to the usual stresses of the world.

The Wing Scuffle Spectacular - a celebration of fear is more than a show; it’s a refreshing circus that lets us connect in ways that we couldn’t under Covid guidelines. Overall, it is a fun, heartwarming experience for the whole family that is guaranteed to not only amuse but amaze you.


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