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Power and practicality of womenswear in an artificial airport – EFTYCHIA AW20 at LFW

On the Valentine's Day designer EFTYCHIA Karamolegkou exhibited her Autumn/Winter 2020 collection in LFW Discovery Lab at 180 The Strand. Set in airport scenery ('AVIOPOLIS'), her collection was accompanied by faint noises that one might typically encounter in a real-life airport: the sound of announcements, the low humming of engines, and the soft blows of air conditioners. The models occasionally moved through multiple rows of seats, which emulated the gatehouse of airports allowing the audience to appreciate EFTYCHIA's new collection in multi-dimensions.

Photo: Getty, British Fashion Council

In the new season of EFTYCHIA, the brand blended its signature women's suit designs with multiple shades of earthy-brown, orange, grey, and black. These individual fashion pieces worn by eleven different models accentuated the modern sophistication and feminine strength of businesswomen. Focusing on the notion of introspection and evolution, the presentation illuminated EFTYCHIA's development of a traditionally masculine suit attire into refined womenswear. Moreover, the brand's use of waterproof coats and RIMOWA luggage emphasised its embracement of functionality and user comfort into fashion.

Photo: Vic Lentaigne, British Fashion Council

One of the most notable aesthetics of EFTYCHIA's collection was the loosely fitting fashion pieces that stressed the natural flow and curves of the models' bodies. The A-line skirts and the straight trousers heightened the simultaneously formal and elegant look of the AW20 collection. Some models also wore Begg&Co's scarves to highlight their modest appearances, creating a more diverse collection. The use of knits on some models further helped to soften the looks of several fashion pieces from their newest season. All of these

contributed to the production of the tasteful selection of womenswear.

Photo: Vic Lentaigne, British Fashion Council

EFTYCHIA's presentation also made effective use of light and movement to accent the intricate designs of their fashion. The hard, fluorescent lighting established an artificial backdrop, but the consequent formation of silhouettes complemented the stylish fit of the models. The organic movement of the models – prompted by everyday objects such as earbuds and books – helped the audience to see the natural folds of the fabric. Such varying shapes of creases dependent on a model's movement highlighted the crisp vision of the brand's clothing.

Photo: Vic Lentaigne, British Fashion Council

Ultimately, EFTYCHIA presented its AW20 collection in a multifaceted and performative manner. Their fashion embedded elements of modern simplicity and intricate shaping to transform the classical design of suits into polished and fashionable womenswear. EFTYCHIA is undoubtedly a name to look out for in future fashion shows, and it is no exaggeration to say that their recent presentation was an aesthetic success.

Photo: Getty, British Fashion Council

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Edited by Liza Mikhaleva, Fashion Editor

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