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A love letter to Croatia, from Farabuto

Farabuto at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

[from Italian "Farabutto"], is a word used in the Adriatic to describe a charming little rascal who is not too big on the rules and is often terribly late, but somehow always steals your heart.

Head designer Bruno Dippong of Farabuto and I spoke on how the brand captures life living on the coast in Croatia. Dippong described the garments as “organic and comfortable” in order to stray away from being too sophisticated. The collection grounded the brand and its aims to retain a personal touch were beautifully portrayed. It was extremely refreshing to see a brand creating designs that were wearable for the everyday person. All of the materials were sourced from Europe and there was an architecture built within the fabric itself. The fabric lining of one of their jackets was designed to resemble the building blocks of their home - without knowing, it would never have sprung to my imagination.

Dawning a cream-coloured coat over a pair of white pants. The coat features a structured, architectural design, highlighting the brand's use of high-quality European-sourced materials and architectural inspiration. The coat's fabric lining is designed to resemble the building blocks of the brand's Croatian home, tying into the personal and cultural narrative of the collection.

Donning a cream-coloured shirt with a "50" patch and dark pants, exuding a laid-back yet polished vibe. The combination of loose-fitting elements, paired with a chic pair of sunglasses makes for a clean aesthetic that fit well with the brand's ethos of organic and wearable clothing.

The designs are a personal love letter, textiling Croatia and interweaving their home into the fabric of their designs. “Marine themes and coral wine shades” are entrenched into their collection and Dippong expressed how it seemed that Croatia was being left behind in the fashion sphere. Roughly half of the brand’s team wore their own designs, honouring their brand and their roots with pride. 


Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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