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Banshee of Savile Row at LFW22 - a review

Banshee of Savile Row is one of the few women's tailoring houses that are fighting the male-dominant tailoring industry from within. As well as being the very first Savile Row women’s tailoring house to be on the schedule for London Fashion Week, their salon show was certainly unlike other fashion shows.

The salon presentation took place in Messums Gallery among the artworks, collectively called In Arcadia, of Henry Lamb MC RA. Subverting the custom of the audience sitting in the dark and models walking on a runway, they created an intimate space by allowing the audience to mingle with the models, who were wearing pieces from the collection. Moreover, the arcadian art pieces complemented the seasonless collection, which is described as “the antithesis of the claustrophobia we’ve been collectively experiencing over the last couple of years” by Ruby Slevin, one of the creative directors of Banshee of Savile Row.

The exhibition interwove pastoral freedom with the sophistication of bespoke tailoring. This is best reflected in the pairings of structured blazers accentuated by bold lapels and enormous pockets with free-flowing flared trousers. Further, the combination of subtle colors and elegant silhouettes speaks of the folksy and mystical aspects of the collection. The sustainably sourced materials – velvet, wool, seersucker and linen – make the collection undeniably authentic and delicately feminine.

However, one might add that the show lacked far too many garments to leave an impact on the visitors’ memory. Though the garments that were showcased on the models, did reflect the sophisticated and polished look of the brand, it can be argued it did not do them justice. Had there been more models showcasing these refined garments, it may have added more to ambience that the brand was trying to curate and therefore may have left a more lasting impact on those who visited.

Although there was some room for improvement, given this is Banshee’s first show, the show was commendable for their innovative concept that moved away from a traditional runway. They showcased their pieces in a more artistic and unconventional way, which aligns with their ethos and the fact that the brand is one of the only women’s tailoring houses on Savile Row. In an almost exclusively male fashion sector, Banshee of Savile Row amplifies the feminist movement through fashion, which is incredibly admirable.


Edited by Bo Nguyen, fashion editor


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