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Ethereal Impressions and Blooming Beginnings: Linh

King's College London’s Fashion Society titles their charity fashion show ‘Artisanal Reverie’ centring upcoming designers and their various evocative visions. The team at Strand Magazine stuck together, snacking and watching the designers craft their looks for the walk-through. We gave commentary on the various happenings whilst retaining an air of distance, not wanting to intrude or induce stress. Models planned their walks, designers unpacked and adjusted their garments, and the air around was fizzing with chaos characterised by an effort to impress and deliver. Feeling the urgency clamour around in footsteps and chatter, waltzing between the back of house and runway. There was an urgency to capture what these designers have worked for and make it truly worth it. After the show, we dove into the cosmic realm, floating between each designer to envisage their own distinct constellation of fashion.

'Bloom Nexus' by Linh at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

Entitled ‘Bloom Nexus’ by ‘Linh’ was unavoidable to everyone behind the scenes. The ethereal magnificence of the designs clearlyers, models, and those from the magazine captured the design. Completely taken aback to learn this was Linh’s first-ever collection due to the level of detail and intricacy, but also the cohesiveness of the looks. Linh expressed how she chose models who were elegant and moved the garments instead of against them. Noticing as they gracefully completed their walk-through, how each garment transformed from a glittering white to darker and darker, reaching midnight blue. The collection acted as a gradient of blue, demonstrative of the sky. The designs were beautifully organised behind the scenes but the materials seemed to take on a life of their own. Linh spoke on how the garments were made using only hot glue and organza - no sewing was involved. Organza, though being a versatile fabric often used for evening wear, is extremely delicate. Linh took on this challenge as a first-time designer and it paid off, despite initial stress.

Photo by @saturnesian

The collection weaves a dreamscape of ethereal beauty, with each piece encapsulating an otherworldly charm that dances on the edges of fantasy and haute couture. With a delicate hand, Linh sculpts air and light into garments, creating a visual poetry that is as much a feast for the senses as it is a marvel of design.

Below, a sleek, oceanic vision in cobalt emerges, a siren's call rendered in textile form. The laser-cut patterns in the fabric mimic the fluidity of water, enveloping the model in a cascade of blue that speaks of depth, mystery, and the infinite allure of the sea.

Photo by @saturnesian

Captured in the luminous glow of the runway lights, the image below manifests as a striking ensemble that is a testament to innovative design fused with avant-garde artistry. The dress itself is a marvel of textile engineering, featuring an intricate pattern of organic, web-like cutouts that drape and conform to the body like a second skin. This daring motif not only plays with visibility but also adds an element of dynamic movement, accentuated by the asymmetrical hem that flirts with the line between elegance and edginess.

Photo by @saturnesian

These pieces are not merely a garment but a declaration of fashion as a form of wearable art. As it sweeps through the fashion show, it leaves behind an aura of allure and a clear message: fashion is both an expression and an impression, constantly reinventing the boundaries of creativity. A testament to the unity between the natural world and human form, embodying the bond that connects us to the Earth's ever-evolving nature.


Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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