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‘CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS’- Livia Rita & the Avantgardeners Collective present an artfashion show

In anticipation of Livia Rita’s forthcoming avant- pop album titled 'FUGA FUTURA', the multi-disciplinary artist is inviting us to lift our gaze to the sky, where her newest artfashion collection 'CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS' will take flight atop a 1960s ski lift, in the Swiss Alps. A visual counterpart to the album, the collection materialises what a utopian fantasy of the future could look like.

Firstly debuting at London Queer Fashion Week with the support of the V&A, the radical designer has continued to grow her eco-feminist practice, by developing a line of transformative dress items, which seek to align the wearer closer to nature as means of empowerment. The collection abounds in folkloric references from witchcraft to forest-dwelling elves and fairies, through sculptural silhouettes, a rainbow-inspired colour palette and hallucinatory fabrics. These leave the viewer with the impression of glancing beyond the veneer of reality, into the realm of possibility.

Wearers and participants alike are encouraged to create their own personal mythologies, as opposed to taking anything for granted.

On the launch of both the album, as well as the garment collection, Livia has joined forces with the Avantgardeners Collective, a non-hierarchical creative ‘hive’ of interdisciplinary artists, united by a shared desire to bring about an eco-revolution in the collective consciousness. They make this desire a tangible, lived in experience, through a mutual exchange of resources and ritual acts, which they extend to the public in the form of interactive or immersive performances.

To virtually take part in one such performance, the Strand is delighted to offer you the chance to teleport into the ethereal ambient of the Alps, via our Livestream of Livia Rita’s and the Avantgardeners’ Collective CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS Artfashion exhibition, taking place on Sat (5th June), between 11:00 - 13:00 BST. Expect your ears and eyes to be enchanted by an otherworldly fusion of experimental sounds and surreal garment constructions.


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