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Frank’s Little Beauties Introduce Themselves At The Victoria, Dalston

Photo by Hannah Tomczyk

On December 15th, London’s self-proclaimed ‘youngest dad band’ played at The Victoria, Dalston in collaboration with music promoters Gotobeat. Sharing the lineup with Youth Sector and The Broth, Frank's Little Beauties opened the three-act gig with a classic rock sound, favouring hard and heavy instrumentation that quickly drew in their audience. It isn't hard to guess that this band draws inspiration from some of the pillars of rock: your classic Beatles, Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones. It was the four-piece’s first official gig, but it would have been impossible to guess from their natural stage presence and synchronisation; they even dealt with malfunctioning mic-stands with ease.

Frank’s Little Beauties may be just starting out, but a bright future is undeniable for them. Made up of frontman Josh Aberman, bassist Owen Benham, guitarist Fin Warman and drummer Eduardo Chavez, the band only formed in October but are already on the road to releasing their music for streaming, and planning even more gigs. Their next appearance will be a headline show at The Gunners Pub on January 28th 2023 — and it's one you'll want to attend. Between Aberman’s jokes and banter with the audience, and the unmissable musicality underpinning their performance, they are undeniably a fresh new presence in London’s small gig scene.

Photos by Charlotte Dixon

Despite sticking firmly to their classic dad-rock roots for most of the show, the band ended their set with a surprise rendition of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, putting a gritty and masculine twist on the festive song, with Aberman encouraging people to sing along as he joked he only half knew the lyrics. It was a shockingly fun way to end their set, one last burst of energy between band and crowd before Frank's Little Beauties bid the stage goodbye and welcomed the next band on. It summarised the four-piece surprisingly well: a band inspired by past classics, but giving their own take on the future.

To find out more about Frank’s Little Beauties, check out their Instagram and Linktree.


Edited by Talia Andrea, Music Editor

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