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New Gen Designers - Lan of Fashion AW22

Despite Storm Eunice, St. Ethelburga’s Centre was a full house for the Lan of Fashion runway show. Six different runways of international and independent designers followed one another, including the new autumn/winter collection of Cherise Trimingham (, the rising star of UK luxury sportswear.

Photo and edit by Lan of Fashion

The diversity of the models, the intimacy of the venue, and the great atmosphere downplayed the serious and the elitist image I had of Fashion Week. From accessories to lingerie, from crochet dresses to bride gowns, from minimalist fashion to sportswear, Lan of Fashion put a show where anyone could find their happiness at some point and be dressed from head to toe. Each of the designers transported the public into their vision of the fashion world, creating a diverse and varied runway. The unique collections displayed their hard work and are full of promises for their respective future. The show was full of youth and energy, displaying new materials like eco-friendly leather or exploring new colours like Trimingham’s vermillion jackets.

I particularly enjoyed the collection of @lookscustomed who built her garments in her room during lockdown. Tina Jones makes customised hand-crafted pieces of clothes, ranging from dresses to cargo pants to corsets. She is playing with codes and mixing textiles and mediums, adding a knitted sleeve on a sweater or pearls on a balaclava. These entire outfits hand-knitted or crochet on a London Fashion Week runway pinpoints the renewed attention to yarn and knits that has emerged in the past few months.

Phones, photo flashes and discreet head nodding from the public proved that independent designers deserve their spotlight during London Fashion Week just as much as traditional couture houses. The Lan of Fashion runway presented a wave of self-taught, dream-driven, and resourceful new faces that we need to watch out for.

Photo and edit by Lan of Fashion


edited by Bo Nguyen, fashion editor


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