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Silvertwin Wows at Sebright Arms

Image provided by Sonic PR

There was a palpable energy in the basement of the Sebright Arms as the band, Silvertwin, played a killer set. This was the first gig that the band has gotten to play since Covid’s outbreak, and likely the first show for many in the audience since the pandemic. Perhaps due to this, music’s ability to bring people together was on full display the other night, as the audience danced and sang along to Silvertwin’s set. However, it was truly the combination of Silvertwin’s musical talent and lively performance that led to the energetic feeling throughout the Sebright Arms’ intimate, basement venue.

Mostly playing songs from their debut, self-titled album, Silvertwin, the band delivered a signature Indie Pop Rock sound, which drew clear influences from older bands like Supertramp, ELO, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. The songwriting throughout Silvertwin is particularly strong, and the band’s lyricism and instrumentation shone brightly in this live setting. Silvertwin’s lead singer and main songwriter, Isaac Shalam, sang exceptionally well. His vocals' signature warmth and clarity, as can be heard on the album, was not lost outside of a studio context. In addition to Isaac’s singing, tight harmonies showcased the band’s overall vocal talents. Dan Edery, the band’s lead guitarist, was another major selling point of the show. Wielding a red Gibson SG, he channeled the energetic, rambunctiousness of ACDC’s Angus Young, delivering tight solos with a great overdriven and saturated guitar tone.

Silvertwin is not a band that should be missed and delivered a great live show the other night. I’m personally excited to see what they have in store for the future and to see how they follow up their debut album. To keep up with Silvertwin, you can follow them on their Instagram.


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