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Venice Heath’s 'SUMMERNIGHT' EP Is The Sound of The Summer

Photo courtesy of Venice Heath

Venice Heath balances equal parts psychedelic and indie rock in his upcoming EP SUMMERNIGHT. The first song, ‘Indoor Swimming Pool’, sets the tone of songs for the summer, combining the optimism of artists like The Backseat Lovers with the synth sounds of Tame Impala in a sound that makes you want to dive right in.

‘Different’ continues this trend with an equally heavy guitar lead. The thump of the bass strikes a groove into the heart and dancing shoes of any listener, as Heath looks back on past regrets in a relationship and wonders what he could have changed. Each track sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on any festival or club playlist, but the difference in tone between lyric and melody throughout the EP gives it an interesting depth, elevating the songs beyond the emotional simplicity of typical dance tracks. This tonal contrast is at its most effective in ‘You Don’t Care, Oh Yeah!’ whose distinctively head-nodding tune matches its accusatory lyrics. Heath incorporates electric guitar riffs in the bridge as a nod to his psychedelic rock influences; this blending of different genres further enriches his indie sound.

The lead single of the EP, ‘Keep On Thinking’, has Heath vocally switching from rougher intimate verses to the anthemic choruses. He plays with the intimacy between artist and audience as he sings directly to the listener, pleading us to "remember" and describing the “look in your eyes”. There's no doubt that this song is sure to make them remember him too; its seamless switching between serenading the listener with both voice and guitar would make anyone swoon. Heath continues along the same lines with the EP's final song, ‘Elsewhere’. The tracks are undeniably sonically cohesive; they could be argued to be repetitive, but this is more their strength than their weakness, as it makes for easy listening. The songs stand on their own but flow beautifully together, making a perfect EP to play in your car on a hot summer night with the windows down.

The London-based artist’s first EP is a piece of work to be proud of. It already shows a strong sense of progression from his 2021 single ‘Say No More’, and a strengthening musical identity. The future is bright for Venice Heath, and for his EP, which is set to be a sound of the summer.

To find out more about Venice Heath, be sure to check out his Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

SUMMERNIGHT, the new EP by Venice Heath, will be released on May 19th.


Edited by Talia Andrea, Editor in Chief


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