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Woven Creativity: Exploring Vertiginous .02

 Vertiginous .02 at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

At the beginning of the show, I was immediately drawn to a group of individuals sitting directly opposite me. With a palpable enthusiasm for the show and dressed with designs blanketed in colour, I was certain they were involved in the fashion industry. I discovered from their loud cheers in the crowd of fashion goers, how they were the family of Gemma Merricks of rricks wearing pieces made by her. The brand titled their new collection ‘vertiginous. 02' elevating upon their first collection ‘foundations .01.’ The collection interweaves varying elements of Merricks’ identity with knitwear. After the show, I approached her while she, grasping a bouquet, detailed how each of the looks embodied a different sector of her personhood in an act of self-discovery. It's clear she does not merely see herself as one thing, but a plethora of possibilities and aspects. Discussing the collaboration between designer and model, Merricks longs for her models to be their “most confident” selves.

Gemma Merricks, picture above @rricks on Instagram

Before the show, they workshopped certain moments of the walk to fully embody the energy of the brand, whilst maintaining a sense of selfhood. I began to ponder the concept of ‘foundations’ as I spoke with Merricks. It seems as though her foundation, her family, her first collection, all that which ground her, has informed what is going to push the brand forward. 

Embracing the esoteric with unabashed confidence, Vertiginous .02 unfolds as a narrative of textural storytelling and dramatic character study. Each piece is a sartorial exploration of the shadowy depths and luminous heights of human expression.

Photo by @saturnesian

Leading the charge, an ensemble melding whimsy with the macabre captivates the imagination. A knit top splattered with crimson on distressed black threads speaks to a beautiful anarchy, paired with a knit fox headgear that invokes a mythic beast from a dark fairy tale. It's a fearless portrayal of fashion as a form of fantasy and narrative. Personally my favourite of the collection - I couldn't get enough of it!

Photo by @saturnesian

The sartorial drama continues with a juxtaposition of rugged denim and delicate textures, a testament to the designer's flair for harmonising contrasts. The structural integrity of denim is reimagined into a flowing coat, giving new life to recycled fabrics, flowing with a quiet storm's rhythm.

Photo by @saturnesian

The masterpiece above is a convergence of artisanal craft and bold, sculptural design. Crocheted elements are woven into a web of elegance around a structured bodice, resulting in a breathtaking exhibition of dimensional crochet art. This garment isn't worn; it is carried as a standard for individuality and artistry.

Together, these pieces are a defiant ode to the power of the narrative in fashion. Each design is a dialogue with the viewer, an invitation to interpret stories woven into the very fabric of the collection. Vertiginous .02 is fashion as a performative art, where each model is a muse, each garment a canvas, and each thread a stroke of genius.


Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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