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Milan Fashion Week: MÜNN (S/S 2022)

MÜNN, a South Korean brand that distinguishes itself through innovative designs and unconventional approaches to garment-sewing, unveiled its Spring/Summer (S/S) 2022 collection in Milan Fashion Week. Launched by the creative director Hyun-min Han in 2013, the Join Life-labelled brand stands out through its intricacy and environmentally-conscious garments. MÜNN showcased its latest collection through a video titled Io sono l'amore, which embodied the brand’s philosophy of "DEFAMILIARIZATION" and was inspired by Luca Guadagnino's films <I Am Love> and <A Bigger Splash>'s sunlight-abundant cinematography.

Sumptuous interiors served as a glam backdrop to a number of looks, which were created through Jacquard-made patterns and woven leopard fabrics, illuminating the bold and chic aesthetic of the newest collection. The incorporation of leopard patterns into divergent fabrics and garments, ranging from men’s trousers to a woman’s lightweight blouse, demonstrated the brand’s creative experimentation with the same type of pattern to create multifaceted designs. The tweed set-ups created a soft yet sophisticated outfit that encapsulated the freshness of the S/S season, with the thinly woven fabric displaying an elaborate blend of various pastel colours. Various semi-formal jackets and bright-coloured blazers were worn by the models in combination with elements of formal wear, showcasing MÜNN’s effortlessly elegant versatility.

The brand also used hand-washed denim, creating patterns reminiscent of a cloud in a sunlit sky. The naturalistic look of the denim reinforced the nature-rooted inspirations of the S/S 2022 collection. Moreover, the hand-crafted wildflowers, made of a combination of materials including lace, chiffon and beads, further embellished the garments by adding a touch of majesty into the attires. The white floral surface decorations applied an extra layer of depth as well as an eye-catching quality to the garments.

Perhaps the most unusual pieces from the collection were the garments that were remade using hotel towels and keyholders. The top and dress made of keyholders, which looked like newly produced ornamentations from afar, playfully used unexpected and pre-existing materials to style the models’ looks. The skirt and top made of immediately recognisable towels contributed a unique texture to the collection. The stitched letters such as one could encounter in a hotel bathroom reinforced the brand’s imaginative idea of reusing materials that are not conventionally used for fashion.

Alll imagery courtesy of MÜNN

The series of striking and inventive garments provided a glimpse into the creative thinking of MÜNN. Refined and experimental, Io sono l'amore presented an exciting collection for the seasons ahead.

Edited by Isabela Palancean, fashion editor


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