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Sorry Have Nothing To Apologise For With Sophomore Album, 'Anywhere But Here'

Photo by Molly Boniface

On Wednesday, October 5th, I made it down to the Windmill in Brixton for the album launch of Sorry’s second album, Anywhere But Here. The event was first announced via the band’s Instagram account:

“We kindly request the pleasure of your attendance for a night of decadence with dancing, free tattoos, and the very first playback of our sophomore album…”

The dress code was a firm black-tie, and tickets to the performance weren't for sale; rather, you had to RSVP through the band’s Discord page, after which ticket holders were selected at random. My friend Helena won a ticket, and I was lucky enough to be her designated plus-one.

In keeping with the exclusive nature of the event, The Windmill is a distinguished, intimate venue. The amount of people with bleached hair, mullets, or bleached mullets holding pints and wearing bow ties made for a very entertaining aesthetic, especially against the backdrop of the dimly lit venue. The combination of the venue and the dress code made me feel like I had fallen into the Bugsy Malone cinematic universe, a feeling I couldn’t quite shift throughout the night.

As I stood there, I thought back to Sorry’s debut album, 925, which was released on the 27th of March 2020. It is eclectic and experimental, exciting in the way it almost frustratedly jumps between genres. I considered it an encapsulation of the general mood of 2020 and listened to it obsessively that entire year.

Anywhere But Here is the perfect follow up. Produced by Portishead’s Adrian Utley, it is the sound of catharsis — and it was so fun to listen to in the garden of the Windmill in my fanciest dress. The opening track, ‘Let The Lights On’, is hopeful in the face of heartbreak; it is a reckless declaration of love and an ode to dancing. Track 4, ‘Willow Tree’, is my favourite from the album, as it perfectly captures the mood of the launch night. Immersed as I was in the Bugsy Malone vibes, I felt that ‘Willow Tree’ could be Sorry’s answer to ‘Give a Little Love’. The rhythmic, toe-tapping beat accompanies vocals that range between whispers and warbles. It sounds like a dark, red-washed venue where everyone is wearing bow ties.

After the band ended the night with some Alex G karaoke, Helena and I, elated from the launch, went home listening to the Bugsy Malone soundtrack from my phone speaker. Anywhere But Here is an incredibly enjoyable and atmospheric second album from Sorry.

To keep up with Sorry, you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, and their website.


Edited by Talia Andrea, Music Editor


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