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A Night at Clubshy: The Start of a New Era of Clubbing to Remember ‘4eva’

Photo by Angelina Bengady

Clubshy, a club night hosted at the renowned Fabric venue, promised a captivating experience headlined by none other than Shygirl herself, showcasing tracks from her latest album, Clubshy. And it delivered exactly that. 

Her album, characterised by its unique blend of EDM beats and sex appeal can only be described as a combination of audacious and fun, featuring tracks that compel you to move and develop a newfound confidence you never knew you could have.

Ever found yourself behind the decks with the artist themselves? No? Well, neither had I until the night took an unexpected turn and I found myself inside the DJ booth with Shygirl and friends. How did I end up there? Let's just say a little persistence and some smooth-talking the security guards may have been involved (or in other words a few hours of convincing). And let me tell you, dancing alongside Shygirl at her own event is a memory I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. What’s more is that the iconic Beabadoobee herself was dancing amongst the crowd, blending into one of us on a night out despite having millions of monthly listeners on Spotify.  It was a moment that perfectly captured the down-to-earth and relaxed vibe of the night—a reminder of the universal quality for music to inspire collectivity because no matter who you are, when the music hits you, you lose yourself to dance. 

Despite the very recent release of her album, the audience’s familiarity with the lyrics was surprising, as they enthusiastically sang along to every word, especially the song ‘Mr Useless’. However, there also seemed to be a certain contagious ambience which filled the room regardless of whether you knew the lyrics, you’d dance as though you did. The decision to enforce a strict no-photo, no-video policy on the dance floor further enhanced the authenticity of the experience, encouraging everyone to immerse themselves fully in the music and atmosphere. This deliberate choice transformed Clubshy into more than just a club night; it became a real celebration of music and connection. 

What truly set Clubshy apart from any other concert or artist night however, was the integration of supporting acts and surprise appearances throughout the night. Shygirl and Mabel dancing to their upcoming collaborative track live on stage, was iconic to say the least. Even as the night progressed at 5am, the energy within the venue remained. With there being just as many people as when I first got there, Manara kept the crowd engaged and dancing for the remainder of the night with her set and its unique sounds being one of my personal favourites from the night.

From sneaking into the DJ booth to belting out lyrics that would probably give my mum a mini heart attack, every moment was a reminder of how fun nights out can really be. So here’s to the night where the energy was infectious, the music loud (my ears are still ringing) and that brought back the magic of truly partying.


Edited by Akane Hayashi, Music Editor


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