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Punk Philosophy: Curating A Statement with Sade

Sade at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

Sade was a charismatic presence with myriad ambitions, inspired by the Mowalolas crash collection, black ambition and expressions in te 90s hip-hop scene. A stand-out was the belt garnished with various found pieces. The Union Jack t-shirt reminded me of the punk movement which has returned to the cultural zeitgeist, particularly in the shows of Paris Fashion Week. Jokingly, Sade explained the emphasis on her model to walk as slowly as possible since it was only one look, nonetheless, the look itself made a statement enough to compel the whole audience. The entire Strand Magazine team patiently waits to see what more she will bring to the runway.

Photo by @saturnesian

This look, with its unabashed nod to British punk rock roots, is a vibrant pastiche of cultural iconography and street-savvy attitude. The classic Union Jack is reimagined as bodywear, its bold graphic interplay creating a striking focal point that's both a homage and a statement piece.

Paired with the timeless silhouette of raw denim jeans, the outfit is a harmonious blend of rebellious spirit and understated cool. The denim is a callback to the enduring heritage of workwear, elevated here by the studded belt and eclectic accessory choices that scream punk's DIY ethos.

The look is completed with a touch of the anarchic—hand-held scissors and dangling hardware playfully suggest the constant reinvention and personal customisation intrinsic to the punk philosophy. This ensemble doesn't just wear its influences; it wields them.

Photo by @saturnesian

Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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