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Scarlett's Symphony: Harmonising Tradition and Modernity

Scarlett at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

Scarlett, another first-time designer, studied a foundation year in design before enrolling at King’s College London. Wearing vintage herself that night, Scarlett presents the old and new to create memorable and classic garments. Scarlett blends plentiful designs from prior studies and explains to me how the collection is unnamed. When speaking with other designers, many of them have cohesive themes and concepts which are clearly conveyed. However, the wide spectrum of styles allowed each distinctive look to be brought forth, never one overshadowing the other. I came to the impression that Scarlett was slightly introverted and overwhelmingly humble. Yet, Scarlett speaks loudly through the designs, leaving room for extensive possibility.

 In a bold fusion of avant-garde audacity and stylistic innovation, with patterns and colours from the 60s and 70s, this eclectic collection pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion. Scarlett ensembles blend a courageous palette of textures and colours, offering a visceral experience that captures the spirit of modernity.

Photo by @saturnesian

The first piece, a daring mesh bodysuit adorned with intricate chainwork, defies convention with a confident nod to punk-inspired aesthetics. The statement headpiece and the stark contrast of skin and fabric pay homage to the fearless spirit of the counterculture.

Photo by @saturnesian

Following, we see a vibrant nod to traditional motifs reimagined through a neon lens. The ensemble pairs a cropped jacket with a voluminous skirt, detailed with ornate fastenings, infusing a classical silhouette with an electric modernity that's impossible to ignore.

Photo by @saturnesian

The final outfit presents a playful twist on evening wear with its satin and lace interplay. Its dreamy pastel tones and whimsical accessories are a declaration of unapologetic femininity and boldness, reinventing the narrative of night-time elegance.

Scarlett is a vibrant tableau of fashion's potential, each piece a chapter in a story of rebellion, reinvention, and untrammelled creativity. It's a sartorial anthology that celebrates individualism, commanding the gaze and conversation of all who encounter it.


Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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