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The Sinfrey Collection: The Intersection of Fashion, Art, and Queer Identity

The Sinfrey Collection at KCL Fashion Society's Annual Fashion Show

The Sinfrey Collection was an explosion of performative art engaged with the experience of those who came to the show. Offa Sinfrey reflected on how they embedded concepts of their drag persona by gender-bending pink and blue through "Anyone to Another," in a celebration of openness and relatibility. The Sinfrey Collection reflects Offa “growing up with the queer existence” and pulls the thread on binary, unveiling what is assumed. Passing the flowers from each model until it's handed to Offa at the end of the show signifies the lineage of queerness, honouring trailblazers and those who have yet to be appreciated. Offa integrated floral, camp, and sentimental elements into the performance and design evoking memory and hope. 

Artisanal Reverie” aided in the amplification of student designers bringing forth their roots, ancestry, and identities to form a landscape of diverse fashions and artistry.

Photo by @saturnesian

Above, we're presented with a form-fitting silhouette, reminiscent of a second skin, is a canvas of vibrant blue textures that play with perception and touch. This stretch of crushed velvet over the body is juxtaposed with plush, tactile elements that invite the eyes to linger and the hands to explore. The body becomes a landscape, each curve accentuated by the contrasting fabrics. Accompanying the visual feast is a functional hood, lending an air of mystique and modernity.

Photo by @saturnesian

With the inclusion of soft, pastel pink hues provides a perfect contrast to the boldness of the structured silhouette, while a vibrant pink floral headscarf injects a playful touch of colour and personality. The ensemble is accessorized with a bouquet of white and red roses, adding a hint of classic sophistication to the modern, avant-garde aesthetic. Accessories and headpieces incorporate pearls, symbolising unity and acceptance among diverse identities.

Collectively, these looks celebrate the fusion of luxurious fabrics, daring silhouettes, and vibrant colours, resulting in a collection that is as cohesive as it is eclectic. This lineup speaks to those unafraid to stand out and express their unique style boldly and beautifully.


Written by Roxy-Moon Dahal Hodson & Megan Shears

Edited by Fashion Editor, Megan Shears


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