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The Americans at The Roundhouse - 19/11/2018

Self-proclaimed rock band, the Americans, opened for St Paul and the Broken Bones last night at the Roundhouse Theatre in Camden. Each outfitted in a plain white T, blue Levi's jeans, and deep brown work boots, they looked the picture of American blue collar, exactly how their music sounds. Front man Patrick Ferris worked the vocals and guitar. Zac Sokolow played guitar and banjo, while Jake Faulkner was on bass. After touring Europe and the UK with St Paul for about a month and a half, London was their final performance.

Their stage presence was really quite simple. Each member stood on the same level and played alongside the other. No flashy costumes, dancings, or any other entertainment took place. They focused solely on playing a great show for their captive audience. To a London audience they might sound country, but they didn't have that characteristic twang of a Kenny Chesney or Hunter Hayes. Their original music has deep roots in traditional American Blues. Patrick's distinct rasp came through on each song, he had undeniable talent as lead singer. Each worked their chosen instrument well, but visibly practiced. The most notable deviation from the flat set list was a guitar riff split between Jake and Zac about halfway through their performance. With no particular lightshow flair, or on-stage movement, they seemed a bit dwarfed by the massive dome and pillars inside the Roundhouse.Yet, they were as comfortable standing there as they would've been in their basement in LA.

As down to earth as they might seem, they are no stranger to the big stage. They met each other in high school and shared music taste (as well as musical talent) brought the group together. Since then they've played for the Late Show with David Letterman, twice joined Grammy and Oscar winner Ryan Bingham on national tours, and played the first dance at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding. They have backed up Nick Cave, Tim Robbins, and Lucinda Williams.

Currently working on their new album, The Americans played with true Blues soul and style, bringing a history of the music not frequently seen in the Rock genre today.

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