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Cutting Loose! Flawes Headline at Omeara

Photo by Dong Liu

Flawes brought back the sweet actuality of in-person performances with their headline show at Omeara, London on the 2nd of October. The British, alt-pop trio consists of vocalist and keyboardist JC, drummer Huss, and guitarist Freddie, and returned with their unmistakable energy and stage presence after staying patient throughout 2020’s obvious limitations. Having released their new EP, Reverie, earlier this year, the trio demonstrated perseverance and confidence in their project. At Omeara, they undoubtedly displayed this positive and decisive attitude.

Their set included a mix of songs from Flawes’ debut album, Highlights, and off the new EP, Reverie. The highly popular single, ‘When We Were Young,’ remained inspiring with its catchy chorus lines, making singing along a great pleasure. As JC began to lead the singing crowd, Omeara’s atmosphere became distinctly animated. His voice was comforting and heartening at the same time, and—not long into the performance—it was clear that the audience was fully drawn in by the emotion-fueled songs.

The songs from the new EP were also performed beautifully. The project began during the initial lockdown, yet, throughout the EP, the melodies and lyrics remain buoyant. Personally, I think that Reverie contains some of the best songs by Flawes. The second track, ‘What’s a Boy to Do,’ begins with a calm and resolute verse, and then explodes into a powerful and engaging chorus. One could not resist but to sing its self-empowering lyrics out loud. Their track ‘Higher Than Before’ was also splendid live as it took off with a vision of love and hope. The tuneful voice from Gini, vocalist of the supporting band MIYA MIYA, complemented Flawes’ vigorous dynamics and added a refreshing layer of vocals to the performance. Resonating with its title, the live performance of Reverie left me feeling lost in a daydream full of possibilities and delight.

Flawes’ live performance was definitely freer and looser than their studio-produced tracks, which can feel somewhat orthodox at times. The uplifting keys and guitar riffs, paired with invigorating drum beats, made the show quite extraordinary. By the end of the night at Omeara, I indulged in the mesmerising hook of ‘Don’t Count Me Out,’ which I feel I was never able to fully experience with its studio version. Entrenched in the flashing blue and orange lights, I was able to cut loose from life’s unpleasant trivialities and escape into Flawes’ music.

To keep up with Flawes, make sure to check out their website, Instagram, and YouTube.

edited by Josh Aberman, Music Editor


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