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Cinema Lockdown Diaries: The Age of Stay-at-Home-Cinema

As I'm sure you're all so tired of hearing, we're in strange times, hard times, unprecedented times and in the middle of all this we are trying so desperately to cling onto a sense of normality and freedom. In August, I asked some of our writers how their relationship with cinema had changed during all of this, or rather if it had changed, for better, for worse? The responses I received were overwhelming and extraordinarily special. To read about how cinema has, and continues to touch so many people’s lives, especially right now, gave me so much hope to continue to see a future for an art form we all love so dearly. Whether it be escaping with a comfort TV show, mouthing the words that we know oh-too-well, or watching a film for the first time, giving us an inspiring new perspective on life, cinema replenishes whilst also giving us a home to come to when everything feels so alien... and right now that feels particularly special.

I'm therefore so excited to launch the 'Cinema in Lockdown Diaries: The Age of Stay-at-Home-Cinema' and eventually write about my own experiences once all our wonderful writers have shared theirs.

Stereotypical indie student room with timmy x – Image Credit: Andriani Scordellis

To all our freshers and new students, and hopefully, writers joining us, I know right now times are stressful and things feel particularly odd, but Strand is always here to offer a home for your strange and exciting thoughts. Drop us an email if you want to chat cinema, in whatever capacity that may be, we’re always ready to hear new ideas, no matter, or rather, especially how wacky they may be. For our experienced and our new readers, I hope the articles from our writers will offer some comfort to your qualms and offer cinema as an art that will always make us feel a little less lonely.

We look forward to welcoming you all into the wonderful world of film journalism, and despite these times (sorry), cinema stays a constant for us, why not head to your favourite independent cinema and catch a film with a quirky mask and bag full of hand sanitizer? They’ll really appreciate the support!

If you’re at home shielding how about a Netflix Party with your favourite friends or if you want to help an independent streaming service, grab a MUBI subscription coupled with a Zoom call to make sure everyone can see you gasp or choke on ur homemade sourdough over a a stereotypical indie boy in a pretentious indie movie (I’m guilty too). I’ve gone from trying to act cool on a red carpet when timmy walked past, to crying over Call Me by Your Name in my room, for the hundredth time, so we’re all a little fragile right now. More on that when I write a 10 thousand word article on what cinema means. So whatever your style of Cinema in Lockdown, stay safe and connected!

BFI London Film Festival Last Year – Credit: Andriani Scordellis

The transient nature of film means we can have such strong, special moments in the space of an hour, and a lasting emotion that lingers with us through time. Whilst a film must come to an end, our connection to it is everlasting, so pop on a comfort show when you need some familiarity, but don’t forget to expand your mind and sensations with films that will offer a fresh lens for life.

So, we’ve clearly been through some turbulent times, however, every day on this section, we will be posting an article from one of our writers about their lockdown experiences and advice, so you can have a little routine with us! Maybe even acquire a few suggestions for your ever-growing film list! I hope you love or fall in love with film all over again, if you’re struggling a bit right now, these articles are a great place to start.

Image Credit: Ella Mae-Earnshaw

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