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STRAND's Felicia Coulter and her 'New Horizons'

STRAND Magazine writer and photographer Felicia Coulter takes us through Canada's icy landscape, the photographs from her travel diary bringing us on a journey with her across the quiet, snow-filled wilderness.

'New Horizons'

Amidst the rugged beauty of Canada's landscape

A traveler finds themselves in a foreign state

Staring out at the vast wilderness surrounding them

They set out on an adventure, seeking to comprehend

What truths might lie within their soul

And what lessons this land might unfold

For in this foreign environment, so different from their own

The traveler senses their perspective has grown

With each hike through stunning mountain ranges

Or canoe ride across calm lakes, palaces of changes

The traveler feels their worries leave their mind

And glimpses the truths within them they'll soon find

For amidst grand vistas and moments of awe

The traveler learns to be still, and listen for more

And in quiet moments, as the world spins round

They discover new truths deep within their soul sound

Sometimes, the journey is bumpy and hard

Hardly the panoramic postcard

It's a journey of self-discovery this time

The traveler once lost, now feels aligned

With renewed confidence, they find new grace

And connect to the strength within their own place

The traveler is forever changed by this land

And the new truths they discovered in this foreign stand

And while the journey may seem bittersweet

When it's time to leave, and go back to their seat

The traveler feels grateful for what they now know

And for the growth this year has helped them flow.


Edited by Photography Editor Elektra Favre


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